Who We Are

ATS Armor™ blends over 100 years of business, law enforcement, and tactical expertise into a culture that is unique to the armor industry. Our mission is to defend life through the design, manufacturing, and application of the most advanced body armor in the world. We are the Protector’s Choice.

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Hard Armor Plates


Advanced Technology

ATS Armor ballistic plates are designed through a rigorous scientific approach referred to as EDMA℠: Electronic Design Mechanical Analysis. We model our lifesaving protection with NIJ laboratory and special threat range testing from the onset of design. The use of EDMA allows efficiencies in research and development, yielding superior ballistic designs.

Our parent company, Achilles Technology Solutions, has acquired Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation (MER). This acquisition supports our position as an emerging force in advanced materials because MER boasts 30 years of innovative technologies embodied in 48+ current patents. These patents span the advanced engineered materials capabilities of transparent armor, automotive materials, and titanium ore processing technology. Together, our organizations become stronger, with MER contributing its demonstrated ultra-lightweight ceramic and cermet armor.

Multi-Shot Capable

Our plates are all multi-shot rated to defend against higher capacity weapons. We use a proprietary bonding process that allows the ceramic to break up armor piercing rounds without compromising the surrounding ceramic. With the ceramic still in tact, our plates can withstand multiple shots. Our process also enables us to extend the ceramic to the edge of the plate for complete edge-to-edge protection, unlike many ballistic plates that surround their ceramic with padding, not protection.

Ergonomic QuadCurve™ Design

A unique feature of our lightweight, stand-alone, hard armor plates is our patented QuadCurve design. The four gentle curves and ergonomic fit increase the wear-side contact with the body and allow the plate to be used on either the front or back of your torso. This additional contact allows the energy from the bullet impact to be distributed over a greater area of the wear side of the plate. The increased dispersion of energy reduces the likelihood or severity of kinetic energy-related injuries, for a safer and more comfortable armor plate.