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The 140th Annual Sheriff’s Association of Texas 2018 conference and expo is being held on July 21th-24th 2018. The Conference and Expo will be held at a location TBD located in Grapevine, Texas. The Expo hours we will be displaying are Sunday, July 23rd time TBD and Monday,  July 24rth time TBD. We are located at Booth #410 on the expo floor.

 What are we showcasing?

 Hard Armor

The ATS Armor difference begins with our NIJ 0101.06 certified hard armor plates. These plates have the capability to defeat multiple shots from high powered rapid fire threats. We use the most advanced ballistic materials and technologies to produce stand-alone, hard armor plates that are lighter, stronger and safer. Our plates provide edge-to-edge protection, along with a patented, ergonomic QuadCurve fit for additional safety and comfort.

These stand alone hard armor plates are available in Level IIIALevel IIILevel III++, and Level IV


Equipped with the same engineering and technology, our shields are some of the lightest and most cost effective shields available today. They leverage the superior performance of our plates and protect against multiple shots from their associated level of threats. Ergonomically designed to be highly maneuverable, they ensure maximum coverage from the head through the pelvic region. Our shields have a unique carrying system and a versatile design, which allows for ambidextrous use.

We offer our shields in a Level IIIA Patrol and Level III Tactical

Soft Armor

We also offer a concealed soft body armor that is NIJ 0101.06 certified and tested to provide protection against handgun rounds. This ultralight soft panel is available in all vest patterns as well as OEM Armor Specifications. This allows ultimate flexibility and comfort for the operator to use these panels with existing carriers.  Remember soft armor panels are not intended to stop rifle rounds.

Soft armor can come in any size and shape, and is offered in Level II and Level IIIA

Additional Protection Accessories

While our hard armor plates, shields, and soft armor panels are the front line of our products, they are not the only things we carry. We have a huge inventory of complementary ballistic additions that work in tandem with each of our front line products. Some of these include Concealed Carry Shirts that incorporate our thinner level IIIA hard plate and soft armor panels. Tactical carriers equipped with PALS webbing that can be either a two plate or four plate carrier used in our Active Shooter Kits. We also carry a large assortment of mag pouches, medical kits, helmets, tactical shield covers, and much much more.

Stop by our booth to see our full line of advanced ballistic protection products.

We want to connect with you.

All of us work very hard at ATS Armor to provide the best protection possible to our law enforcement and military brothers and sisters. We are cut from the same cloth and understand the importance of what we provide both in quality and reliability of product along with customer service. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with whatever questions you may have.

As a reminder, we offer a robust T&E trial program for almost all our products that allows you to “test the waters” before you commit to a purchasing decision. In many instances, we also provide live product demos for agencies that are actively seeking body armor. Have you seen your body armor perform in a live demonstration? ATS Armor has performed over 80 live demonstrations across the nation, showcasing the advanced ballistic capabilities of our products.


Let’s meet at the show. Just want to connect?

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